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About Me

Freelance Costume Designer

As a self-driven, detail oriented, and easy-going costume designer, I am passionate about bringing characters to life through wardrobe and costume design. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for multi-tasking, I am a quick problem-solver who can work under tight deadlines. Whether it's creating stunning period costumes or designing futuristic ensembles, I have the expertise and creativity to bring any project to life. 

Besides costume design, I am an ambitious backgammon player, live concert goer, and great pet enthusiast.



Costume Design, Wardrobe Styling, Stylized Costumes, Character Design, Fabric Selection, Labour Coordination, Budget Management


2023 - Present

Freelance Costume Designer

Collaborate with directors, producers and actors to create unique and compelling costumes that enhance the story and bring characters to life.


Costume Designer, In Proximity

Designed, shopped and altered for the short film. Worked on set with the actors to maintain continuity.




The National Ballet of Canada

Maintained tutus and different costumes, dressed the kids ensemble and the horse. Worked alongside 8 dressers and a continually changing cast of dancers. 


Costume Designer,

Shanty Show

Designed, shopped and altered for a cast performing on a Pirate Ship on Lake Ontario! As the actors were double cast, I designed some quick changes.

2022 - 2023

Swing Dresser,

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Received extensive training in dressing through working alongside 9 dressers, worked with a cast of 35 actors. Developed skills of staying calm under pressure during quick changes.


Assistant Costume Designer, 

Wardrobe and Props Coordinator,

White Girls in Moccasins

Coordinated the labour and materials budget for costumes and props. Shopped, altered and built costumes for the cast. Assisted the designer Rachel Forbes with designing the looks.


Industrial and Domestic Straight Stitch, Coverstitch and Serger


Hand sewing

Drawing, Sketching, and Painting

Fabric Paints and Fabric Dyeing

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

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